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Some Other Great Facebook Games And Sites To Help You Get Ahead

Even if your a Mafia Wars addict you may want to dive into something a little different now and then just to keep things fresh. If you are playing more then one game, and if you are already here looking at some cheats for Mafia Wars you may also want to get the edge over other players in these games as well. This page is going to be dedicated to those other games and some ways to get ahead in them.


FarmVille is one of those games that has just become surprisingly popular very quickly.  The idea is you are a virtual farmer. You will grow different crops, live stock, and trees all to advance in experience and earn money. Althuogh challenging the game is very relaxing. You build your farm up the way you want to. Along the way you can add neighbors who can help you and you can help in return. If your looking for something more relaxing check out FarmVille.
Here are some great sites to get you started if you want to get ahead quickly in FarmVille is a top to bottom strategy guide that will teach you everything you need to know to advance in FarmVille quickly and legally.

Some other sites to get you going in FarmVille:

Cafe World

Cafe World is another Zynga game that is slowly taking Facebook by storm.  In Cafe World you get to open your own little Cafe. You create menu's , cook, buy ingredients and even have to clean up.  Anyone that ever wanted to open heir own resturant will love this game. Level up and increase your possible meus choices, decorate your Cafe to make it your own . The options are huge in this one.

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FishVille is yet another huge success by Zynga for Facebook users. With over 25 million active players and growing FishVille is already a huge hit. 
It is a lot like FarmVille but under water. You start out with one aquarium with a few fish. As you play you will earn and/or buy additional tanks as you level up and make more money

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Some other great sites:

Pet Society
You do not play as the actual character but the pet owner.In Pet Society your main goals are to take care of your pets basic needs, food, clothing, grooming and entertainment and attention. You will start off with a brief tour from the mayor of Pet Society and then you can customize your pet. Pick the head, ears, eyes and body.You will be able to customize more as the game goes on and you move up in level and make some cash.

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I may check out the Roller Coaster game by Zynga next. I will post some stuff here once I get to it.
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