Dominate Mafia Wars Cheats And Tricks

Dominate Mafia Wars Cheat And Tricks to Rule Facebook, Myspace, Tagged, iPhone And More

So you wanna Dominate Mafia Wars! Maybe your new to Mafia Wars and don't like the idea of getting your ass kicked over and over before moving up at all . Maybe you just don't know that many people  who play and can't get in with a bigger mafia. Maybe you just want to kick some ass and own Mafia wars on Facebook,Myspace,Tagged,iPhone or where ever you play. Then you found the right place. If you like getting your ass beat and not moving up then this is not the place for you but if you want to dominate Mafia Wars keep reading.

The Basics Of Mafia Wars

In case you don't know Mafia Wars is basically a role playing game. The object is simple, start your Mafia family and run 3 types of crime businesses to rule all of New York. Sounds simple enough but, when you first start it's a bit rough because there really are no directions on how to play. Gameplay is pretty simple though so you will pick up the basics really fast. You have 2 main goals, first grow your mafia (family) and second level up. To grow your mafia you can start by inviting friends and family that play or might be interested in playing. A great spot to get more people is
got to the bottom of the page, there are over 175 people looking for invites as of this writing and more get added every day. There are also some great little tricks there as well ;)

The second goal of leveling up is pretty simple too. Do different jobs, win fights and your level will increase. With higher levels comes more money, better weapons and items and more opportunities to get properties and grow your over all wealth and power.

The Game is very addicting, just ask anyone that plays.  You can play Mafia Wars on a lot of different networks such as Facebook, Myspace, Tagged, Yahoo, even on your iPhone. The game is a blast and although there is nothing graphically amazing, this simple game will keep you coming back for more.

Mafia Wars Cheats And Tips Grow Your Mafia Lighting Fast

So the big question is can you cheat your way to the top in Mafia Wars. There are a few ways you can go with this. Some people will use bots but his is strictly against TOS and will get you booted pretty fast. If you really like playing the game then there really is no point to using bots.

What you really need is a solid strategy, one that all the other top players are already using. These strategies  are so effective you will skyrocket yourself through levels, destroy all your enemies and grow a huge family in virtually no time at all.
There are a few guides out that will give you some good
Mafia Wars Cheats and Tricks . A lot of them are pretty much the same but there is one guide that has the most information, the best strategies, and is updated on a very regular basis. The very best guide would have to be Dominate Mafia Wars
I have read through about 5 other guides and none have helped me more the this one.  Everything in this guide is 100% legal and will NOT get your account banned. I actually read one guide that gave you tips that would have not just your Mafia Wars account banned bubt your Facebook account banned as well. Not worth it if you ask me. This guide  Teaches you how to get  more Godfather points, Win fights all the time, Master all the jobs and levels and a ton more..

Here are a list of jobs you will need to master and the rewards you get when you do. Some jobs need to be done more then once.

Beat Up Rival Gangster (1e) = .22 Pistol (2A 0D)

Collect Protection Money (2e) = Butterfly Knife (2A 1D)

Rough Up Dealers (2e) = Brass Knuckles (2A 2D)

Rob a Pimp (3e) = .9mm Semi-Automatic (3A 2D)

Take Out a Rogue Cop (3e) = .45 Revolver (3A 2D)

Perform a Hit (3e) = Tactical Shotgun (3A 2D)

Destroy Enemy Mon Hideout (5e) = C-4 (5A 2D)

Kill a Protected Snitch (5e) = Stab-Proof Vest (2A 5D)

Bust a Made Man Out of Prison (5e) = Automatic Rifle (4A 4D)

Fight a Haitian Gang (6e) = Semi-Automatic Shotgun (5A 4D)

Smuggle Across The Border (7e) = Armored Truck (4A 8D)

Repel the Yakuza (13e) = Grenade Launcher (14A 10D)

Disrupt rival smuggling ring (15e) = 50 .50 Caliber Rifle (16A 11D)

Invade Tong-controlled Neighborhood (25e) = Armored Car (14A 15D)

Sell Guns To The Russian Mob (25e) = RPG Launcher (20A 12D)

Protect your City against a Rival Family (35e) = Bodyguards (8A 25D)

Assassinate a Political Figure (35e) = Night Vision Goggles (5A 16D)

Exterminate a Rival Family (40e) = Napalm Attack (25A 9D)

If you really want to learn The best Mafia Wars Cheats and Tricks Check out Dominate Mafia Wars